I am a Florida mom that loves to cook. I don’t always have the fanciest preparations, but I always use high quality ingredients and a simple approach to preparing them. I am very excited about sharing my learning experiences with my growing family and with you. Nutrition and simplicity are my focal points for this blog, as well as taste and texture and sharing information with you!

I will try to share new recipes that I have tried before with some success and I will occasionally draw on some old favorites from the family recipe book. My son is just barely a toddler and experimenting with new foods on almost a daily basis, so I will also keep you in the know as to our experiences with new foods, textures, reactions, and pickiness!

I hope you’ll take a moment to comment and share your thoughts. If you disagree with something I post, please let me know. Let’s discuss, share ideas  and I hope we can make this a fun and stimulating place for like-minded moms who love to cook.

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