Every once in a while I come across a helpful or interesting FREE website that I think is beneficial to other Moms, and now I have the opportunity to share it with you lovely ladies here on the Help for Mama’s page.

These websites are a great help for Moms looking for help from other Moms. A lot of them have forums you can join if you need to ask a question about your family, recipes, kids, anything. You might even make a new friend or two by joining in the conversations.

PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT COMPENSATED FOR PROVIDING THIS INFO. I just like the help that I have received from these sites.

The Bump
The Bump is a personal favorite of mine. I joined the site a couple of days after I learned I was pregnant with my son, with a “now what?” mentality. My mom had passed away a few years beforehand and I wasn’t close enough to my son’s mother to have that kind of conversation with her, so I asked the thousands of women who have signed up and regularly participate in the convos @ Bump. As a “Bumpie” they’ve guided me through the ups and downs of early mommy hood, and are usually more than happy to lend an ear or a kind word or too.  They have a great week by week baby guide that you can tailor to the age of your child, given you info about different milestones, and its delivered right to your email inbox.

If I need a recipe, or have a handful of ingredients and need some ideas, I go to Cooks.com. This website has a collection of hundreds of thousands of recipes listed and catalogued that you can search through by ingredient, by keyword, by food type, by meal type, by nutrition level, all sorts of variables. Most of the recipes have a picture, or someone has submitted a picture of their attempt, so you can get a great idea of what the final product should look like.

Coupon Mom
Sign up for this site. Every Mom in the world should be using coupons, but there are some who still don’t make it a routine practice in their homes. You can save literally thousands of dollars a year just by spending maybe an hour or two a week clipping and printing and USING coupons. 52 hours of work stretched out over a year, and believe me it pays well. Sign up and get the best deal you can at grocery and other stores local to you! You will get quite a few reminders for new coupons in your email inbox though.

Credit Karma
This website is a great tool for new Mom’s and younger Moms who might not be too sure about what the effects of their personal spending habits are on their credit. Answer a few questions and they will give you an approximation of your credit score, and an online toolkit to insert and remove different variables like opening a new credit card, paying off an old one, buying a car, etc, and see what it does to that number. This site is email friendly too, I’ve never once received a SPAM email from them in the personal inbox I have.

ESmart Tax

Tax season has just started again, and I’ve been a fan of this website for my own personal return for about five years now. I have a relatively simple 1040 return every year and I’ve never once had to pay an arm and a leg, its usually free for an e-File. The process is very simple, and straightforward, with yes or no answers and quite a few “deduction finder” questions. Not for everyone, but a great step if you have a basic return, just a few W2’s and an hour or so of time.

Vista Print
I’ve used Vista Print since my son was born for all sorts of nifty memory and keepsake printing. I made a FREE calendar for my kitchen using pictures of my son that I was easily able to pull right from my Facebook photo albums, and it was an incredibly nice calendar for a “Free Trial”. They always have promotions and the such and they are also great for printing for a small business. Check them out!