In even the most organized house the kitchen can be a dangerous spot for kids to play. Sharp objects, hot stoves, boiling water, and slippery floors are but a few of the hazards your little ones may encounter. But instead of limiting your children to the play room or their bedrooms while you cook, they can easily be included if you follow some simple and easy to follow guidelines.

Sharp Objects:

Be sure that all knives, sharp scissors, food processor blades and grating equipment is kept out of reach of little hands. Remember that just because it is on a counter does not mean that your child can’t pull it down. A wooden knife display not only keeps your kitchen clean and functional, but allows you to keep your little ones safe and injury free. Make sure that when carrying a knife from one counter to another you are aware of the blade and where your little one may be.

Cooking requires heat. Since the days of the cave men that has been a well known fact. But by turning pot handles away from the end of the stove, using oven mitts when handling hot trays, and boiling water on the back burners only can save both you and your little one from serious harm. Splattering grease or frying oil can be dangerous too, make sure that your deep fryer is well away from the edge of the counter, as kids are at eye level with it. Make sure that little ones who are just learning to walk are kept away form the oven door, as the door, unit and handle could be very hot, and when you’re youngest starts to fall they could reach out and grab it or lean up against it. If they can’t let go it could result in a very nasty burn.

Pull Down:

Kids are naturally curious. It is their job to touch, try and taste everything. Unfortunately, that includes items that are out of their reach. If you have an appliance that is being used on the kitchen counter be sure to tuck the cords out of reach of little hands. Try not to use table cloths or place mats that dangle within reach, because before you know it your whole dinner and all of the place settings will be all over your child and the floor. Keep harmful or possibly irritating substances like lye, baking soda, and harsh chemicals stored either up high or in a locked cabinet. Baby proofing your kitchen cabinets is very easy to do and has become very inexpensive. If you can not do any of these things a baby gate at the entrance to your kitchen is a welcome addition when thinking of your child’s safety.
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Teach your children the dangers of a hot stove, a sharp knife, and a heavy mixer. Always require proper protective clothing and gear when in the kitchen, such as a mesh glove for slicing, oven mitts for hot cookie sheets, and a heavy duty apron for splattering sauces. Use a cooking thermometer to properly gauge the temperature of meats and baked goods, and show your child just how hot your oven can get. Explain to them the dangers of burns and lacerations, and keep a first aid kit fully stocked close to your kitchen.

Caution Hot!

Set A

Using these simple steps can keep you and your kids safe and make the kitchen a creative and enjoyable environment for everyone, from your baby beating your pots and pans on the floor with a wooden spoon to teaching your oldest how to make his first souffle.

Happy Cooking!

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